Looking To Sell Your Commercial Property in Northern VA?

The Belt Team recently sold a commercial property in Reston and it reminded us that our clients may not all be aware that we have a commercial division in our office. Our CEO, Terry Belt, got his start in real estate on the commercial side of the business and we are more than happy to assist if you are looking to buy, sell or lease commercial property.

The property we sold recently was an office condo on Robert Fulton Drive in Reston and Belt Team Founding Partner Gail Belt was the listing agent. It sold for $1,252,580.

Reston Commercial Real Estate

Here’s what our client Bob Gadd had to say when we completed settlement:

“The Belt Team, with Gail Belt and Ann Page in the lead, and Patty Schuebel and many other outstanding folks on the Belt Team in the background, performed an absolutely difficult and herculean accomplishment in closing for us the sale of a corporate office suite asset at 1801 Robert Fulton Drive in Reston, Virginia this past May.

Normally a property of this nature, during the real estate market at the time, might have taken much more that a year to conclude, we were told, but these marvelous ladies and their support associates accomplished the task in just over six months. The sale was part of an estate liquidation operation which had many complications. They were undaunted in their assignment.

I initially contacted Gail at Keller Williams because she had served as our family real estate expert for over 20 years, and at least six successful residential and commercial transactions, much to our great mutual benefit. For this commercial requirement, however, Gail teamed with Ann Page which certainly proved to be an extremely winning combination. The difficulty in closing on this Reston property can only be appreciated by experts. They made it happen after many long, late, and overtime hours when others probably could not have done so.

I cannot provide a stronger or more positive recommendation for these ladies than to propose that in my estimation they should be identified as the Magic Real Estate Team of the Year!”

If you’re looking to buy, sell or lease a commercial real estate property in Northern Virginia, email The Belt Team or give us a call at (703) 242-3975. We will help you make the RIGHT move!

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