Keller Williams Realty McLean Gives Where They Live

When you see Realtors from the Keller Williams McLean office, they’re usually dressed professionally, with a phone to their ear, researching on their ipads or showing property to their clients. But recently, we caught a few of them hanging around in t-shirts & looking pretty messy.

KW McLean and Rebuilding Together Tom Relly

Why? They were volunteering their time with Rebuilding Together to restore & rehab a local home for a homeowner in need.

You’ve probably heard of Habitat For Humanity. But you may not have heard of Rebuilding Together. Rebuilding Together’s vision is for a safe & healthy home for every person. And so they partner with local volunteers to make this happen home by home, block by block. Since they were founded in 1988, Rebuilding Together (along with 3.4 million volunteers) has completed work on more than 100,000 homes across the country.

Well – at Keller Williams, our motto is “We Give Where We Live” and so a number of agents, including our own Belt Team Lead Buyer Specialist Tom Reilly, put on tshirts and got down & dirty to make a difference in one woman’s life. They painted, pulled brush, calked, installed safety bars and did all kinds of unglamorous, but much needed work for a wonderful woman in need. What was her favorite part? The safety bars!

Here’s a peek:

There’s a saying that is attributed to John K Kennedy: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” I like to think he’d appreciate our Belt Team mission: “Changing Lives For The Better – One Family At A Time“. And I know a wonderful old lady in Falls Church who would agree that that is JUST what Keller Williams McLean did.


(Thanks to Bill Parks of Media Minders for the video, Beverly Herdman of KW Commercial for organizing and all the amazing volunteers from KW McLean. We are PROUD to be in business with you!)

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